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"Blucher or night..."
-Wellington at 5 PM


"The Fate of France is in your hands..."
-Napoleon to Marshal Ney


We respectfully present you this PC game
about the iconic battle of Waterloo.

Waterloo3D is to be released on Windows PC,
with Linux and iOS to follow.

Bonus content includes the Battles of Quatre Bras and Ligny.
Plus, explore “what-if” scenarios to create your own historical arc!

"The shadow of an enormous right hand falls
upon Waterloo. It is the day of destiny."
-Victor Hugo, “Les Miserables”

Your tryst with the shadow of that enormous
right hand is here... Bend destiny.... Change history....


Relive the battle through the eyes of Napoleon, who,
despite fighting against two armies, came within a whisker
of victory several times during the battle...

Play as Wellington who grimly held the Thin Red Line,
trading blood for time with the Emperor until salvation
arrived in the form of the Prussian Army....

Play as Blucher, who, having taken the Decision of the
Century, rushed to Waterloo to overwhelm the mighty
French Army with a tenacious flank attack...

    As the French commander, you have a veteran but rather fragile army in your hands.

    The French army has a superb, potentially battle-winning artillery arm. The French are the only faction that can execute an “artillery charge” a la Senarmont at Friedland.

    Another fearsome weapon for the French is their numerous and powerful cavalry. Especially awe inspiring are the Emperor’s “Iron Horsemen”, the cuirassiers.

    Use them well in proper coordination with the vaunted Imperial Guard and you can trample right through Wellington’s lines before Blucher makes an appearance

    As the Anglo-Allied commander, you have the weapon that Napoleon admired and desired but never developed, that is the solid infantry in the form of the British Redcoats.

    Though your army at times might seem like a mere motley collection of multi-coloured uniforms, remember that you are defending a reverse slope position.

    And you have several forward buildings to act as breakwaters to dissipate the French fury.

    You just have to hold the ridgeline until Blucher arrives!

    As the Prussian commander, you have a single task : ATTACK THE OPEN FRENCH RIGHT FLANK.

    You might experience some initial setbacks but remember that you have turned Napoleon’s flank and the Emperor is bleeding troops on both the front and the flank.

    Once you have started attacking in earnest the best Napoleon can hope for is a costly draw.

    Sever his line of communication with France and turn the defeat into a disaster for Napoleon.

    In this mode you can design your own battles with the forces of your choosing.

    You can also play the battles of Quatre Bras and Ligny that were fought 2 days before the main battle of Waterloo.

    In the Custom Mode you can play all these 3 battles in a linked mode.

    You can also command Grouchy’s wing which can attack Wavre or force march to the aid of Napoleon.

    Custom mode also lets you design your own tailor made skirmish battles with the forces of your choosing.

Click on the icons above to explore
which leader you want to be!


When you buy Waterloo3D, you get all the
units in the game, at once,without the need
for any future "Game Money" or "Game Credits"
or "Experience Points"...

Revel in the glory, the pomp and the pageantry
of lavishly modelled Napoleonic uniforms and
historically accurate battlefield buildings....

Explore the available unit types by clicking the
icons to the right.


A bit rusty on Napoleonic tactics?
Not to worry. There are several tutorials that
guide you through the game. Click on the icons
to the right to learn more.

Start as a novice colonel, learn to move
and fight a battalion….

Advance to brigade level command, learn to fight with
4 or more battalions as a unit…

Learn divisional level command, where you can combine
infantry and artillery to smash through enemy lines…

Finally, learn the nuances of army level command….
Understand the unique fighting styles of the
French, British and the Prussian armies...


    For seasoned as well as new players this should be the first tutorial.

    This tutorial introduces the camera controls and general game navigation.

    You will take control of a single infantry battalion and make formation changes between line, column and skirmish formation.

    You will learn to move the battalion around the battlefield using forward and rear marches, oblique marches and battalion wheels.

    Finally you will get to know the three modes of infantry attack : SINGLE VOLLEY & CHARGE, CONTINUOUS VOLLEY FIRE and PURE CHARGE.

    With this brigade tutorial you are moving into the domain of advanced infantry combat.

    You will command a brigade of 4 battalions.

    You will get a handle on brigade flank marches and brigade wheels.

    You will learn to execute probing attacks and all-out attacks against a terrain location using a brigade.

    You will master the rigid defence of a terrain location as well as the technique of falling back slowly to trade space for time.

    You will learn to employ skirmish screens and manoeuvre in broken and forrest terrain.

    Napoleonic divisions invariably had organic artillery attached.

    In the division tutorial, you will command an infantry division of two brigades with attached artillery.

    You will learn to support the first brigade with the second, either in atack or defence.

    You will also master the art of taking strongpoints with the assistance of artillery.

    Cavalry is an extremely powerful but fragile weapon on the Napoleonic battelfield.

    Thrust in at the right time a single cavalry brigade can rout a whole infantry corps.

    In this set of tutorials you will learn to maneouvre a cavalry regiment against an enemy cavalry regiment first.

    You will come to appreciate the usefulness of flank charges against formed infantry.

    Finally you will learn to charge an infantry unit with the support of masked horse artillery.

    In this set of tutorials you will learn to fight with both foot artillery and horse artillery.

    The Anglo-Allied get a unique weapon that is the howitzer battery. You will learn to lob shrapnel charges from behind reverse slopes.

    The French have the unique ability to mass their guns and execute an artillery charge. You will learn to group and concentrate the reserve artillery at the point of decision.

    You will learn to employ the special carcass ammunition against the buildings to start a fire.

    The sturdy Belgian farmhouses played an important role in the Battle of Waterloo.

    You will use farmhouses during defence to act as breakwaters to absorb the fury of the attack.

    You will learn to employ light infantry that are specially suited for this role inside the buildings for defence.

    As an attacker, you will learn to coordinate the attack against buildings with help from sapper units and close range artillery fire against doors.